jodi's in orange?



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Feb 14, 2010
well i got a 12" dual 4 ohm incriminator audio lethal injection and a mb quart dsc 1500.1d. my last sub was a 10" audiobahn with a ma audio amp. i did the install of everything but tune the amp. i didn't want to do something wrong tuning the amp so i figured i would bring it to them to get a price. i was told it was about $40 to tune it. i told them everything they needed to know about the sub and the amp and how much power i wanted it to be running at. took him half an hour to do it, asked him how much power it was running and his response was "i don't know, i just turned up the gain and raised the bass boost all the way up to the point that is was close to its max power"

in the end i had to pay $50 because he had to replace one of the rca cable ends, and used the cheapest end you could find, my rca cables were not cheap and im sure the factory would take the bad one and send me a good one seeing that they had never been used.

had a friend who is good with this kind of stuff and said everything they did was wrong.

the only product they sell is alpine and used equipment.

the guy i had to deal with was an a-hole and didn't want to her about the work he did after i asked what power it was running and treated me like some shmuck.

i recomend not going to him to have any work done.

i guess i will take it over to t-rex and have them tune everything.



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Oct 1, 2014
So........lets get this straight. You didn't buy any equipment from them. You didn't have them install the equipment. You came in and dictated how you wanted the system "tuned". They repaired a defective end on a cable they didn't sell you for $10 (that would have been a fair price 15 years todays market, its a downright steal).....You say "the factory" would have replaced your RCA cables because they were unused. Pardon?? The were run, by you, from the radio in the dash to whereever you located your amp. ANd in the process, the original installer (YOU) most likely damaged them trying to get from one end of the car to the other. That pretty much meets, and exceeds the definition of "used". And then your friend who is "good" with this stuff declared that everything they did was wrong?? Gotta say, this sounds pretty fabricated. While I will never condone any establishment who doesn't treat their customers like celebrities, I can't quite convince myself that Jodi's should bear the burden of your lack of satisfaction in the system they never sold you. It would be interresting to hear from people who walked in their door, articulated what it was they wished for, and actually bought their product.


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