What speakers should replace Phoenix Gold R5CX 5.25" Coaxil speakers, for a bigger system?


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Sep 10, 2020
Hi, currently I have four Phoenix gold R series R5CX 5.25" Coaxial 50W RMS 100W peak power, mids and highs. I have both mids and highs running from the built in tweeters. However I am having HORRIBLE issues with distortion at any actual power being pushed through the system. Both with just the alpine head unit which is a 50wx4 (and yes I am aware that the head unit does not truly push 50wx4) and having crossovers put in place, whenever there is a bass drop the mids just distort, and it is not due to the system under watting the speakers, or the high pass filter being set to low for the audio going to the mids and highs are rated for. In this case minimum Hertz rating is 100 and I have the crossover set at 150 Hertz, may try raising it soon. I am running 12 Gauge speaker wire to the speakers. I have come to the conclusion(which could very possibly be incorrect) that the speakers just are not able to handle even the 50W RMS that they were advertised. I personally love Phoenix gold subs and amps, but have heard nothing but ill about their Coaxial speakers. I want to eventually get at least Two Rockford Fosgate p3 12" 2-ohm DVC 600W subs in the system, or maybe 3 or 4 of my current JL 10" 10w3v2 4 ohm subs or a an equivalent to the JL 10w3v3 2 ohm, because of the larger cone area overall. Currently I only have 250w RMS going to the sub at 4 ohm's from an Alpine MRP-F550 4 Channel amplifier, when I switch it out for either an AB type or Super D-Class mono block amplifier I will be switching it to a 2 Ohm load. Even at the maximum output of 300w RMS 600w Peak I know that the amount of bass I will have won't be anywhere near enough. And because of that I want to get speakers that will be able to keep up with the amount of sound coming from my subs. I have been looking at the DS18 and Precision Power options. But I wanted to know if there is something comparable with a lower price tag. Maybe like Schose? I don't really care about name brands or anything like that, so if there is an oddball company with a good product I would love to hear about it. And if there is no other option than something like the DS18 or Cerwin Vega, or something else with that sort of brand recognition that's fine by me. Really all I am looking for is clear crisp audio, and a lot of it, and if the tensile leads for the integrated tweeters go through the vent pole so that I can disconnect them and run the audio for the tweeters up to my A-pillars that would be awesome, or even a pure mid no integrated tweeter would be great . Also what solution for wiring I should use? Should I go for a crossover coming off the head unit, with maybe an inline audio scrubber? Or should I go for an amplifier like the current MRP-F550 or a Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amplifier, HI-Pass only audio being driven off of molex speaker connector that is on the Alpine or the Hi-FI outputs on the Rockford Fosgate, or still just run rear RCA cables from the rear speaker preouts on the head unit? I would really appreciate any advice given!


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Aug 12, 2008
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too long to read, i never quite understood why people feel the need to type gigantic descriptive paragraphs...no body wants to read that sh*t or answer all the questions (there is one guy on here that prolly will, with all his "text book" scientific data and bullshit 20 paragraph responses)....keep it short, simple, to the point

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