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Jul 24, 2005
If you are on a 2 months severance then you are still employed, aka were gonna downsize and once were done you will be back to work.

No machine shop will on on call machining lol, it would be hard to calculate overtime. Just be happy your company still wants you as a longtime employee.
Yup essentially I'm still on their payroll until my last day which is April 7th. After that if they don't offer me my job back that's it. As well as others too. IF Boeing gets their shit together tho, they will be back to being busy again. And that comes with being shorthanded. I don't know if they plan on calling back the ones they laid off or not. IF they do, I'd want a pretty sweet deal since I'm in a position now to start all over and look for another job. I'm one of the few guys that can run all machinery between both buildings. 14 yrs with the company is a long time. 2-3 weeks prior to that, a bunch of people got 3% raises. Talk about a slap in the face. It's been said you don't get rid of your good guys/employees. I'm starting to think that old saying is slowly being phased out.

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