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Oct 6, 2020
NE Ohio
Car Audio related?? When I have money burning a hole in my pocket such as these last couple of weeks!! I'm ready to buy a new bigger set-up but.. don't know enough to know what to fricken buy!! IRRITATING!!
Need to get something new to go under my hood that can handle right at or around 16 volts,
Need to provide enough juice for clamping at least 10K (15k-20k)!
Need banks of caps, lithiums, more wire, enclosure, subs (which I already have picked out),
and more
but am UNSURE what to mix & match (what to buy!) a few XS Power Titan8 S6 PWR and RSV batts? Should I wait for them to release their brand new upcoming Titan S6 BCI Group versions? My D4S cart says $50K, haha. Dreaming some I suppose. And yes I do want to pay more to have banks of caps inside a batt container btw. As opposed to arriving as individual cells.


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
So all day yesterday my coolant system on the G6 was acting up... bad. On my second delivery I noticed some orange soda under my front tire so I popped the hood. Yup, Dex-Cool just gushing out from what looked like the bottom of the coolant recovery tank. This is on the drivers side firewall and is the highest point of the cooling system. It is also where the radiator cap is and is the only place to add coolant. Somehow it was FULL and bubbling as it gushed out of what looked like the bottom. Once it emptied out the reservoir on its own I could continue to drive it and I could watch the temp rise to the point of the thermostat opening and it would drop and hold temp.

Today I drove the car and it was doing the same thing... getting hot, opening the thermostat, then dropping to normal temp and holding until I would sit still. So I let the car cool. I then removed the thin upper vent hose then the two 10mm nuts. I then removed the lower main coolant hose on the reservoir. I cleaned and filled the tank 4 times and saw no obvious leaks. I checked the nipples where the hoses attach and no cracks. I see no cracks or damage ANYWHERE on the tank. I inspect the cap, it looks fine as well but just to be safe, I priced another. I inspected the two hoses that go into the tank. No damage, no soft rubber, no cracks or rips.

Upon inspection I gave it a dumbfounded thumbs up and put it all back together. I filled the tank to the cold fill line with DEX-Cool and it burped a few times so I re-filled to the line and it held steady. I put the cap back on and drove to the parts store. The cars temp rose to the normal mark and never moved off it the entire time I drove, stopped at lights, let it idle in the parts store parking lot, after I turned it off and went in for air freshener and came back out and started it back up. I then drove to the gas station, got gas, drove home and the whole time it didn't move. My Jeep was weird but this car may have it beat.

It pisses me off when things fix themselves and I am bereft of the pleasure of fixing it and having it work.


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
I decided to order two 100v 15uF non polarized capacitors for some Dayton aluminum tweeters I ordered and that place that expressly has parts was going to charge me $1.74 for two of them... then $6.95 for shipping. Dig this, they added the shipping in with the cost of the caps and were going to tax me for the shipping too!! The tax on $1.74 is $0.12. They were going to charge me $0.49 more tax than I should have been taxed, $0.61 tax. Would have cost me $9.30 for $1.74 worth of capacitors. NOPE!

So I went to Madisound and the EXACT same two caps out the door cost me $1.66 for the caps and $5.45 shipping for a total of $7.11 (specifically stated - Not Taxable). Pisses me off that if I didn't say hey, wait a minute, there is no way the tax is $0.61 on $1.74. Luckily shipping was free on my Dayton Ultimax from expressive parts. USPS shipping cost have already been taxed when they give you the price of shipping at the post office. Don't pay tax on something that has already been taxed. Pay attention everyone.
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Jan 22, 2010
Been ordering from Parts Express for 8 years and they pissed me off last time. They told me to submit my bookshelf speakers I built to their project gallery for a $25 credit. I submitted everything and got featured on their website, Facebook, and Instagram and 3 months later no $25 credit. Emailed them 3 times and kept getting the same copy/paste response "They will be sent out on the 5th of every month". Last email they just ignored me.. lol

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