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Hey guys now I've got some questions that I just gotta throw down right now. I'm finally done listening to all the business men trying to take my money by feeding me lies and screwing me over. So I bought a SPG555 for $900 then bought the case for it $150, bought a battery for my car $400, bought dynomat $500 and after install costs and everything it ended up being $2000. Before I did all of this, I had 2 12 inch alpines that came in the car when I bought it, which ended up being louder than the SPG555 sub. The guy promises me it'll easily be twice as loud if not 3-4 times, so I said whatever it's worth the $2000, and then he blames it on my 2500 watt kenwood amp. It's an old school amp though so I understand, I just wish they would have tested the amp with the sub before so I could have got a new amp instead of the useless dynomat which makes the sub quieter than it used to!

Anyways there's my story. Now here's what I need to know cause now I'm going to try and take my sub back (only thing I can take back) and get another SPG555 brand new from Ebay for $350 and then I'm going to use the other $600-700 on a new amp.

Now the specs of the SPG555 say Power Handling: 1000 rms watts. Does that mean I shouldn't have more than that on it? And let's say I want to get a 2000rms watt amp now because I'm saving up for a second SPG555. Could I possibly blow the one SPG555 by giving it too much power? Or could I somehow only let 1000 rms watts out for now and later add another one with the extra 1000 rms watts?

Also, it says Impedance: 2 ohms. Now again I don't know much when it comes to systems, but you want the least amount of ohms possible from my understanding. So does that mean I couldn't go down to 1 ohms on this sub or it could be too much for it?

Anyways, really, all I need to know is what would be the perfect amp for my SPG555, or possibly my two SPG555s. I would rather only have one amp for the both of them since I already have another amp for my regular speakers. So would I need to go with a 2000 rms watt amp with 2 ohms and somehow make it only put out 1000 rms watts until I get two SPG555s? I don't know just tell me what you think would be best. Honestly just give me the brand of the amp and everything cause I don't know much. If I have such an expensive sub, I want to get my money's worth out of it, tell me what would make these things bump hard!!

And by the way, I've heard these SPG555s are loud, but is there anything louder for the same price or less? Don't say anything unless you know, and also I'd like the same size, but I'd probably be able to fit 15s in my trunk.

I'm thinking about sticking with the Boston brand and going with their 800 rms watt amp 2 ohms. It's called the GTA-800M. Or does someone think something else could make this SPG555 bump harder? I can get these for around $300 each so tell me what you think for the price.

Also am looking at the Rocksford Fosgate T2D215 and T2D415. I don't know if I want 2 ohms or 4 ohms, but whichever sounds better. I can get those each for $500, so maybe just get one of those and then a really nice amp? Or would I need a bigger amp that would cost over $400 for that? If I'm spending a lot of money I just want to make sure I'm getting the right sub.

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