How to choose the right speakers for an amp?

elflamablanca Newbie
Complete novice at this so that is why I am here. Looking for guidance on what type of speakers I should be looking at getting to replace the stock speakers left in my car. I have a 2012 Lexus i250. each door has one 1" tweeter. One 5.25" and one 6.5" speaker. These are all stock. Two of the speakers on the front passenger door are blown. There is also a stock 8" sub in the rear deck that is blown.

The current amp I have is a Kicker CX600.1. Stock amp is also still installed in the car. The specs on the stock amp state 4 Ohms for all the speakers except 2 Ohms for the rear 8" subwoofer. Also have two 10" Kicker Comp C subwoofers in the trunk. 1 of them is blown.

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