Weird rca question.


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Apr 13, 2018
Ok this is going to have some of you saying wtf is this guy thinking? Anyway if you were to take three sets of rca’s that had split frequencies, one set high, one set mid range,and one set subwoofer and put them into an rca block like the one I have attempted to attach, would the signal go to full range? The dumb thing I am trying to accomplish is to run my pioneer head unit in network mode to my amps and get a full range signal split to an equalizer only for the light display, it won’t actually function in the system. I checked by sending different frequencies and only the bars representing those frequencies lit up on the eq face do I need a full range signal to get my light show.



Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA


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May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
Out of the box, but I like where this is going. So you do not have a full range signal to feed into the input? Another question, did you feed these signals into the inputs and powered the eq, OR, did you feed them into the outputs with the eq off?


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May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
Just thought of something. Can you add a y-splitter off the front rcas on the radio. That way you will have a full range going straight to the eq input.


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Dec 29, 2001
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I have serious doubts about this working. The reason y-cables (effectively what you have there, but a 3 way) works is because you have one source and 2 or 3 parallel loads. Going the other direction you have 3 sources fighting each other (shorted). There's no way the product of that is something sonically useful. My guess is there's a better chance it would damage the hu outputs.

Does the eq have high level inputs? Just use a speaker lead. Or even a cheap LOC. Makes more sense to me.

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