Upgrading sound system keeping factory radio... help


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Aug 16, 2019
Hello... I wish to upgrade the soundsystem of my car and keep the factory radio (because it is a canbus radio, it has the climate, telematics, gps, trip info funtions built in and showed on a screen) so I must keep the radio if I wish to keep those functions.

I've been reading a lot about what it needs to be done, depending on what you want. But I'm not to much into autoaudio, I have some doubts.
Also I'm not going to be very demanding\extreme on the sound improvement, I just wish a nice\good clean sound system.
The original sound config of my car is a Magneti Marelli head unit and JBL amplifier(behind glovebox) and component speakers (front and back) also JBL in the car doors.
So... 1st thing I know I need, is a LOC or DSP... but I will go for a LOC (because the budget is not to high). Maybe a audiocontrol LOC, don't know yet.
My configuration will be component speakers in front and coaxial speakers in the back, a under the seat pre-amp subwoofer and a 4 channel amplifier.
I already have the speakers (component Kicker 43CSS674 "100W rms" and Coaxial Kicker 43 CSC674 "100W rms" all with 4ohms).
The subwoofer I'm inclined to the Rockville RW10CA 10".

So finally my doubt is what 4x channel amplifier to use?? In terms of power in watts not the brand. I see amps with, for example, 1000w and in the specs says 4x70w rms at (4ohms) acording to standard (CEA-2006), so I have to get an Amp that gives power (rms) to the speakers not more than what the speakers demand (in this case 100w rms or less per channel) right??

Hope you can help... thanks in advance ;)


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