Trailer reversing cam

coast boat trips Newbie
Dec 22, 2020
Hi Guys.
I'm looking to install a warless reversing cam on the back of my boat trailer. Only its not as simple as just installing a kit of the shelf as the I need it to....

Send a warless signal to my trucks Toyota touch 2 system. ( I don't want a cable as I will tow from the back of the truck but also the a front tow hitch, so it will be much neater and less dicking around to be wireless)

I can taken 12 v off the boat with no problem

My truck already has a reversing camera that i want to keep but i need to be able to switch between the two.

The Toyota touch has a OME port but i believe the trucks cam uses this? can you get a two way conation that i can switch between?

the warless cams i have been looking at all have there own displays can anyone suggest a brand with what i need?

Many thanks Jack

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