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In my short year and a bit of owning a car i have gone through

4 H/U's

5 Sets of speakers (including 1 set of components)

3 Amplifiers

When I say Ive gone through them I dont mean I blew them or ruined them, I mean I just felt like upgrading. However I find that with each addition (or upgrade I should say) I find that my system is sounding worse and not better. I not only think this myself my friends have said so too.

My first system was the following

H/U: Pioneer DEH-1300

Fronts: Infinity Reference 5.25" coaxals

Rears: Infinity Reference 6.5" coaxals

BOth running off deck power 45x4

Subs: 2 10" Pioneer (bottom of the line)

Sub Amp: RF 300S (75x2 @4ohm)

My front spekers were not installed properly either they were kinda just up against the doors (too big to fit)

this system sounded really really good. It even sounded better then what I have now

H/U: Alpine 9813

Fronts: MB Quart DSE216 6.5" compnents (installed professionally in doors)

Front Amp: Alpine MRVT420

Rears: Temporaly disconnected

Subs: 2 10" Pioneers (same ones)

Sub amp: RF 300S (same one)

before i switched to the T420 i had an Alpine MRPF240 powering the fronts and rear RF HPC2206 6.5" coaxals.

Now I dont understand why this system doesnt sound very good and why the first one sounded better. I mean the first one wasnt even installed properly. Nothing was sealed off, it was all just a quick fit done by me.

Before I waste $3203982948 more can I get some input on what really really sounds good for punk rock music. When I say punk rock I mean stuff like

Thursday, Thrice, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, really all kinds of Punk to Popy Emo Punk and so on....

Thank you in advance to any suggeastions

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