Sundown 1500D Problem


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bump, does anyone think my stupidity finally messed up the amp?


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Not sure if this post is still active but im having a hard time figuring out pretty much the identical issue but my amp is a sundown sfb 3000. This past Sunday, I went out in the morning and 5 mins into my ride my X12 sub just shut off. I pulled over to see what was going on and the sfb 3000 was blinking under protect about 10 times in a row and the blue power light would blink once. Just kept doing same thing over and over, if sundown is still active in this post can you guys let me know if that is some type of code for what could be wrong ? I have all 0 gauge ofc wire in my car. I upgraded my alternator, I have a spare battery "d5100" in my trunk for just audio equipment , I have kicker y splitter rcas everything is clean and separated neatly. Any advice about where I should start looking?

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