Sub to amp wiring gauge

JeyM Newbie
Jun 26, 2019
Just picked up a Skar audio Evl package which includes 

12” 2ohm DVC 1250w rms

RP1500.1D amp (1ohm 1500w 2ohm 930w)

single 12 enclosure

4ga wiring kit 

The subwoofer came preloaded and wired for a 1ohm setup (I was told). 

My concern is the speaker wire they provided to run from the amp to the sub is only 16ga. Last time I put a system together I used 12ga wires for a single 10” 800w sub. 

Should I chuck this 16ga wire and go get 10 or 12? Or will this 16 be enough? I’m assuming it’s wired inside the box with 16ga as well. 



Acoustics Engineer
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May 1, 2007
Quad Cities, IL
Recommend larger speaker wire for sure.  And probably a good idea to check the internal box wiring also.  I agree with you that 12AWG is preferred.


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