Spider stacking


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Apr 19, 2015
When it comes to multiple spiders and they say they are stacked does that mean they are on top of each other? Like one on top of each other touching with no spacer? Wouldn’t they rub on each other or just not work?

I’ve seen subs with 4 or more spiders but you can’t see any spacers.




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Jul 24, 2005
I try to put my black widow on my tarantula...lol

Joking aside, I believe they are sandwiched together. I've also seen subs where a spider in it's normal spot then another an inch or so away from it attached to the frame for better cone control during high power/high excursion moments.



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Apr 19, 2015
hahaha :p is it a matte black spider??
Yes, I was wondering that!! Let’s say you stack 3 spiders on top of each other wouldn’t they rub together slightly? How do you glue the spider in the middle to the coil former? As you normally glue the top and the bottom of the spider so if you have 3 stacked you are effectively gluing the top of spider 1 and the bottom of spider 3 UNLESS you use thin glue that seeps through all 3 spiders…… am I correct on this? I’m just very cautious on things like this as there’s a lot of pressure on that joint and you don’t want the spider coming away from the coil former!!!!!

I wanted to do a quad spider setup so I’m assuming if I use a spacer it will keep the former alignment a little better?
2 on top of the spacer and 2 on the bottom.

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