Somewhat custom Elantra build stopped working, need help understanding what Geek Squad did and how to fix it

Midwestpilot Newbie
Dec 16, 2019
Okay so I purchased a 2015 Elantra Sport new, and about a month after I purchased it I had a few things dropped in by my friends working at geek squad. I was originally going to have everything but the factory radio torn out and replaced and add a subwoofer, but after the got into it they said the factory speakers were fairly high quality and riveted in, so it’s be better to leave them.

The setup: I have the factory radio, factory speakers, but the radio runs to an 80w 4 channel line output converter that then runs to a 4 channel 400w kenwood amp for only the speakers, and then a 400watt kicker amp and separate kicker 10” subwoofer. The line output converter is kind of bastardized together. On one side there’s a clip on it that runs into the RCA cables, and the other side it seems my speaker wires were cut where they connect to the radio and rewired somehow into the converter.

The symptoms: About two years after the install, the left front speaker started to dip in and out. Then they all did. The only one that hasn’t is the rear right side. All the others now work very little, and when they do work they sound great. If I have the radio at normal volumes, they rarely work. If I have it at higher volumes, sometimes they all come on, or sometimes they just crackle loudly.

I plan on getting rid of this car in a few months, but I’d like to maximize value. Cartoys said they’d look at it for $90 an hour, Best Buy said they’d revert it to stock to fix it for free since they did the original install. I pulled the dash apart and for the most part I feel I can do the labor if I understand what actually needs to be fixed. I pulled the RCAs apart and cleaned them, and tried to see if there were any loose connectors but I didn’t see it. Maybe it’s my amp? Maybe it’s the converter? How would I tell? Should I replace the factory radio with something cheap
but better?
Let me know your thoughts!


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May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
Are your power and ground wires in the factory harness untouched. Might be spots to check, ensure they coming intermittently out of place, same with power and ground on your 4 channel amps. Did you check the fuse on your 4 channel amp, maybe it’s torched ans needs to be replaced.

If it is the loc. You’re going to spend money putting on a new one that the buyer will
Justify as cost to get the radio working, you probably won’t get your money back. if you can simply pull The aftermarket stuff including the loc and amps behind it you and be left with a functioning factory radio that seems like the better option

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