so this is what the box "experts" said...

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im looking for a ported box. the one they have for sale is tuned to 40Hz. i asked if i could adjust it. then i talked to 2 of there box guys and this was the jist...

ok well i just talked to a few "knowledgeable" people about box enclosures. i wont say who because im not taking there word as stone or anyone elses. as far as im concerned this whole "interest/hobby" is all based around opinion and preference. but,... "they" say that it is true that box making is a science but porting at 30Hz is way to low and you will be missing alot of music volume. 95% of music is above the 40Hz mark. it is also said that most prefab boxes that you buy from a flea market or local stereo shop are tuned at like 50 or so Hz and you rarely here any complaints.

anyways they said that two 10" pg tid's will totally slam the **** out of my 4runner.

they said that if i feed these 10's the full 500 watts RMS of power that PG says they can handle in this ported box, they could blow(assuming they can ONLY handle 500watts(they could be underated)). they said to try to feed them around 350-400W per speaker. what do you think about this?

they also said to set my subsonic filter to 20Hz even though the box is tuned to 40Hz. what do you think about this?

they dont know what the hell their talking about, 40hz is for kind of a spl setup and 30hz is for like sq, it all depends on what music you like, for rap i recommend a high tuning, and for like techno and fast bass music i recommend a lower tuning

I think your 'experts' are idiots and you should stick around here instead //

well what about the subsonic filter comment?? he said if i set the SS filter at 20Hz i would get to hear all my music and unless i was overpowered or very close to max power i dont have to worry about blowing a speaker if i went under the ported frequency.

i also notice that your box is setup at 39Hz.

if i put my 10" PG tid's in this 40Hz ported box what will they sound like during rap? fast rock?

it really depends on the vehicle, a big vehicle like a 4 runner you could get away with tuning about 35Hz, I'm tuned to about 23Hz, but that's because it's an S-10, and I wont compromise SQ for volume with booty shaking hippity hoppity type music

funny, they said you don't hear complaints from the people who buy the flea market boxes, look at the people who buy flea market boxes

if you give the subs 500 each I'd set the SSF a little higher than 20Hz with 40Hz box tuning, you can start at 20 and work your way up, not like the subs are in a trunk, you will be able to hear if they bottom out

as far as them saying it will slam the **** out of your 4runner, not according to my definition of slamming the **** out of something, depends on your definition of slamming the **** out of something

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