Since I got ripped off...

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..I am going to build a 10" sub with the amp attached to the box and handles. I will use quick connectors for the wires. I get home and out comes the box/amp.

The theives were "kind" enough to leave my interior speakers(4 - Polk Audio DX6's) and I am going to drive them with the head unit I ordered (Alpine CDA-9827). I will make the HU removable also. I'll lose the presets but I won't lose the unit!

I am asking you all for suggestions on what sub amp and sub speaker to get.

It will go in the trunk of my Integra. I had a JL Audio 10W3V2 in there that got ripped. It was driven, and the other speakers, by a 5ch Alpine MRD-752. It got ripped too along with an Alpine CDA-7894 hu.

I'd like to keep the cost around $300 and I can build my own box.

I want SQ. I listen to older rock, blues and jazz.

Thanks guys.

Oh...and all ripoff MF'ers can kiss my ass! //

In fact I might just blast the new system so some ******* follows me home--remove my system--wait for him at night with a baseball bat--BANG!


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try the new ed b series b2 subs. i ordered a couple that will be here tuesday i could let you know how they sound and i'm pretty sure they have it in a 10. also hook it up to this amp: and you are under $300 for both. also look into a pg ti10 which goes i think for under $100 and match it up with that amp. you could also buy all pyrmid and rampage and then you won't have to worry about people stealing your **** again. //


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So you're going to remove your deck and your subwoofer box/amp set from your trunk every time you get out of your car? //


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So you're going to remove your deck and your subwoofer box/amp set from your trunk every time you get out of your car? //
Yep. I drive 25 miles to work and the car is safe there. I then drive 25 miles home where the car isn't safe.

I want tunes.


Remote control deck(Alpine CDA-9827) goes into glove compartment and clips into harness and antenna. Deck will drive the 4-PA DX6's through the stock harness. A slab of velcro to hold it still in glovey while driving.

An amp is mounted to the sub box. The box will have handles and the wires will be quick disconnects for easy removal.

Sure I might be crazy but I won't lose my system.

I will lose the presets on the HU but oh well. It will be a pain but all I have to do is remember the pain I felt when my previous system got ripped off and I will be inspired to stay a step ahead.


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