should i run EVERYTHING away from the power wire?....

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okay, i've already installed a CA800 amp and a couple 12s in my trunk. my dad and i ran power down the passenger's side of my car, under the door sill. we ran our RCAs and remote wire down the driver's side of the car. i'm now going to have to add an additional set of RCAs for my second amp. also, i'm gonna have to run new 16ga speaker wire to my front speakers.

should i absolutely NOT run anything next to my power wire? it seems kinda silly to run the passenger side speaker wire all the way up the left, and behind my dash to the door. is this what everyone else does?

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In general is it typically a good idea to run the power wires on one side and signal wires on the other. That way it eliminates any unwanted signal interference from power wire. However it seems that nowadays that rca's are really good with the insulation now and people have run all the cables on one side with no problems. It seems if you run it the standard way, you will have a much longer wire then with the other way. With longer speakers wires you introduce more resistance and noise anyway so it seem you are at a tradeoff. I say give try it the easier way and see if works alright.

As for me, I run the power wires on the left side while I get the remote and rca's on the right. It has worked for me since I don't seem to hear any unwanted noises.


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Yup run the power wires one side and the rca's, speaker wires on the other. I have my power,neg,remote wire on driver side, my rca's & speaker wire under the passengers side.


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I've yet to meet anyone who can verify first hand that power wires interfere with anything. Yes, it's common practice to keep everything separated "just in case", but there are valid technical reasons for all that being urban legend.

I run my power wire down the same side as the rear RCA's and left speaker wires. No problems at all.

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