Rockville RVD14BGB

medic5678 Newbie
Nov 22, 2019
Ok, it's a needle in a haystack but I am hoping someone knows. I installed this today in my 2005 Toyota Sequoia by hooking only the red, yellow and black cables. Didn't need it to integrate into the car's speakers, etc. DVD works fine, but to my surprise the lights in the DVD player don't turn on. I didn't hook the lines to black = door trigger - and blue = door trigger +. Not sure where to hook them in the mess of uncoded wires in the roof. I don't need the lights to come on when the door is opened, but I would like to be able to manually switch on the light. I figured that it would work off the main power and didn't need any connection to anything special.

Wondering if I should hook these door triggers to the black and yellow wires (12 v) between them?


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