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May 19, 2018
I got a JL audio rd1000 i set the gain until the cliping light came on with a 50 hz test tone no subwoofers hooked up then backed it off until the light went out like the owners manual said to do but when i hooked up the subs and started playing it the clipping light would flash on from time to time i backed it off to where it wouldn't light up at all my question is was the light supposed to flash on sometimes or did i do the right thing by backing it off either way i love this amp definitely worth the money


CarAudio.com Newbie
Jul 7, 2019
I have the same amp. The clipping signal LED according to JL indicates the "highest unclipped signal" when the light turns on. Meaning you don't have to back it off, but as soon as it turns on, stop adjusting. There are lots of variables, but certain songs might have an initial signal higher than the test tone.

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