question on trying and wiring my Optional digital output to dsp/ amps and in which order

94 ranger Recruit
Dec 24, 2018
My Headunit has digital spdif Audio output option through coaxial output . I'm already setup with custom amp rack for 3 taramps one sub amp two mid amps " bullet tweets amp is not wired yet due too the lack of RCA options until I get my dsp and splitter box set up I'm only running one 4 channel sky high Cooper braided rca to the ds1200x4

I want to run the digital output from radio to the taramps but they do not have digital inputs . What's my best option ? I was looking at PRV dsp or ds18 dsp but I'm not sure which affordable dsps have the coaxial inputs and how the setup is usually ran?

My situation is complex because I have to run a RCA box splitter I'm having made by fulltilt audio which is a 3 pair input and 7 pair out put in order to run two 4 channel amps off the unit but I also want to run a dsp in between all this to make sure for one thing I am getting proper rca voltage and also to utilize the digital settings for tuning .
So what happens to the signal if you run the digital coax to the dsp and then RCA out of the dsp rca to the amps does it still keep it digital audio ?

How should I do this because I want to keep the dsp flush mounted at arm's reach for tuning and use as a master volume control all custom up front in my suburban in a fabricated center council I'm currently in the process of making this center council for my suburban and I need to know in what order i need to run the RCA box splitter and dsp but in which order between the Headunit and the amps .

Redbullssg Newbie
Jan 9, 2021
United States
I am disappointed in the lack of options for SPDIF coaxial and optical inputs for amplifiers. My head unit has both Coaxial and Optical output, but I don't understand the option if the are no options. The head already has a DSP built in, and is 4 channel and sub out. With all of these head units coming out with SPDIF outputs, why are there no options for amplifiers with inputs like House amps. I guess i don't understand.

So I guess, from what I do understand is, that my Head has a DSP built in, with SPDIF out , but no amplifiers, so I would have to get another DSP to go from my head with DSP to that DSP, then to rca out to an analog amplifier... Makes no sense to me. Can someone explain what I am missing? Im not understanding.

I literally saw 2 youtube videos on SPDIF out , but the were on bench hooked up to a House amplifier with SPFIF in...

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