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Jan 15, 2019
Hey everyone, so I baugh an enclosed box with .69 cubic feet  an need help finding some 12 that will make my truck rumble! An of course I hope not breaking the bank! I do have a ken wood Kac-8102D which is a 1000watt, I’ve got no problem buying another amp that would better suite a different set of subs that you all kind folks will hopefully piont my in the right direction! I’m not looking to blow subs or hurt any equipment so please someone help me with s tough set up this still pounds! And again one I’m not gunna have to starve myself to afford lol  yet if ya think it’s s bit pricy there’s not hurt in giving your opinion! But yeah the enclosed bot is to fit under the seat of 18’ ram 1500 qaud cab...... heres the link to the box description!                Thanks again...


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Aug 12, 2008
in the alley behind your house
maybe rephrase your "actual" question a little better so we can understand what your trying to accomplish....what you typed makes no sense to me....are you looking for a new box? or amp? what are your current subs....

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Nov 21, 2018
Ok, so you bought a prefab built box with 0.69 cu ft volume and looking for a single 12 inch that would satisfy your bass needs right? :rolleyes:   In that given volume most entry / mid level subwoofers will work and will provide you a decent thump in your system. :veryhapp:

If you can get hold of a single 12 inch subwoofer from a mate, give it a run in the box and if you are happy then so be it.  You always have an option when it comes to bass, it just requires more money, time and persistence.  , Oh, just make sure the subwoofer you get will work with your amplifier ( single 4 ohm, dual voice coil drivers etc)

Another option, is to visit a reputable car audio shop to advise them of the your box volume  so they can recommend some subwoofers that may work well in the given volume. 

Alternatively, it  would be a good option to get a custom subwoofer box made to accommodate a specific driver,  You could also go ported which may need a larger enclosure as long as you advise the store of your music taste and the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice to accommodate the subwoofer box.  May be a good idea to ring up some car audio shops to get some quotation before you take a drive there!



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Mar 17, 2016
What they said. YOU bought a bad box. No decent box builder would try to cram a 12 in that small of space. 


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Mar 22, 2005
buy correct sub, make right box for it, power it correctly 

that will save you time and $ in the end


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