Noob question. Remote signal problem to AMP


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Jan 7, 2018
Good day people,

First post here so be gentle.

I’m from the Netherlands (that does not have to be a problem[emoji4]

I have a problem with my remote signal to my AMP.

Situation is like this:

I have an Opel Insignia (In your country it is a Buick Regal I think) with stock radio DVD800.

It is not possible to change to dubbe DIN.

So I bought a High/Low converter. This one:

This one has also a remote wire.

When I connect the positive and negative to the AMP nothing happens which is correct. Then when I connect the remote wire to the AMP it switches on, but the problem is: It stays on and won’t turn off.

What is the deal here and why does it not switch off?

Thanks very much for everybody who is taking the time to answer me.



Sep 24, 2015
Beaufort SC
There is two way to test what your problem is:

If you have a multimeter, just test to see if your remote wire is providing 12v+ when the car is off, if it is, there is your problem, search for a 12v+ signal wire to use elsewhere in the car.

If you don't have a multimeter, bridge the 12v+ feed from the amp to the remote to turn the amp on, disconnect the bridge without cutting amp power. If the amp turns off the problem is the signal wire, you need to find a new one, if the amp doesn't turn off it may be a bad amplifier.



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Nov 9, 2009
Make sure you have the power wire on the converter connected to the 12v that's not constant, needs to be switched 12v like cig lighter or somewhere in ignition.


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