Newbie System Setup questions & recommendations?

Well guys and girls,

I am new to this whole new world of CAR AUDIO, so please school me on the basics! Currently own a 95 Sentra GXE with stock sound system. Its time for it to go! So what compoants should I purchase to replace the stock system?

What I am looking for a car setup? I want SQ, I want great sound quality. However, seeing how I am a college student I am on a budget. I will be piecing this system together over time. I have $1200 up front budget. I want to swap out all interior speakers focusing on having better mids and highs in addition to new amp (4 channel) and the subs will have to wait. In addition new rear speakers to fill out the sound.

My question for all you experienced people, what equipment and manufacture should I purchase?

I have one more question, if I want to increase SPL, could I or should I have one sub for SQ and one for SPL?

I have or am reading just about any magazine I can get my hands on, but all of this information is just confusing (i.e 2 or 4 ohms [which is better?], bridging). Anyone's wise advice and or recommended reading material will be greatly apreciated.

Thank You again for your time.


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First off go here itll learn you good on car audio and electricity in general.

First off get a good head unit. Im talking a nice mid level Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse etc. something with a nice 4v preout or higher. trust me youll be kicking yourself later if you skimp on the HU.

Id type more but adult swim came on.


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Check out the CDT CL61 A's at They are very nice for the price. Pick up a pair of half decent speakers for the back, but don't spend an arm and a leg for them. You can very easily get a very nice system for 1200 bucks. I think maybe one of the most important aspects to an SQ system is to sound deaden the whole car. For subs there are tons of options, maybe an ID MAX, or try and find a used ED A (Or buy my b3 // ) The RE XXX is a little out of your price range because it requires a lot of power. But a Stereo Integrity Magnum D2 would be very good for you I think. Since you have a relatively decent budget buy half decent amps. Shy away from JBL, Hifonics are decent budget amps. Just look around and see what you can find, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Profile is probably the best of the budget amps, so if you want to save money there really wouldn't be anything wrong with it. Phoenix Gold is also putting out some solid amps. Whatever you do don't buy from a shop, and in most cases don't buy from Crutchfield, their prices are just too high (Although they are most likely my favorite company to work with). Well theres a few suggestions, Good Luck.


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Speaking of subs I have a 15A id be willing to sell........

Also I dont think JBL is a bad brand of amp. Actually Ive been hearing a lot of trouble with hifonics lately.

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