New tweeter and speaker or just 4-way speaker?


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Hello. I am looking at replacing the front 4 speakers in my 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ext. cab, because the front speakers are pretty well shot. The door panel speaker set-up is bone stock (one speaker and one tweeter above it). However I am not very familiar with the electrical workings of my vehicle. Thus, I cannot decide whether to just replace the the tweeter and speaker or just buy a 4-way speaker and forget the tweeter. Only problem is, I am not sure if the stock wiring will be compatible with the new 4-way speaker. Any help is much appreciated!



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i would honestly go with the component speakers the speaker and tweeter because that is what you have in now and you can definatly use the factory wiring if you do component then take what powered the tweeter or the speaker and cut the connectors off of them of take them off then use the factory wiring and wire it to the crossover and then use the crossover and wire it to the tweeter and the woofer pm me if you have any questions



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do the components,its pretty easy to do .i have a 97 z71 ,what i did was replaced the speaker/mid and added the tweeter just above it.let the stock tweeter in and working .your truck should have them together in the same area ,but you can still do the same



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Thanks a lot, really clears things up. One more question, if I do decide on going with the 4-way speaker setup, will the stock tweeter wires need to be wired in with the new 4-way?


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