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Guys i need ur opinions. My friend recently borrowed my jbl 600.1 amp for his 15 inch alpine type r sub. He gave me 180 for it(what i payed for it off of ebay) and i told him i would just let him have that one and ill get a new one for the same price off ebay. Well a week ago my new jbl 600.1 came in but i could tell it had been used. It had some scratches and i could tell it had been mounted so i sent it back and they were gonna send me a new one. Problem is the new amp was suppose to come in yesterday and it didnt and when i called the manager told me some **** about it got lost or some crap like that and if he didnt find it in a week, he would refund my money. Now i had my jbl 600.1 hooked up to my 2 type r 12 inch subs in a one cubic foot sealed box and they sounded great but i really never cranked it up all the way cuz its my first set up and didnt wanna blow it. This amp powered my subs very well and got very loud but the question is should i take my 180 and try to find a more powerful amp? I have heard of people giving their type r's up to 600 watts rms and the subs taking them just fine but i would like to keep it at 300-500 to each sub. Does ne one know where i could get a new amp that has 1000watts that i could buy for just 200 bucks or so? I have searched and cant find any. So if u think i just just keep my jbl600.1 then tell me and if u think i can get a more powerful amp for about 200 then help me out with that too. Sry for the LONG post. Thanx alot

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