Need help with where to put my wires at

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Aug 27, 2019
I’m going to be doing the big 3 to my car. I have already watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to do the big 3 and it seem easy. The only problems I have is where I should put the wiring at. It’s a 2004 Toyota Camry. It seem like the wiring from the alternator to the battery goes ontop of the engine then behind then to the right side where the battery is. I’m going to be using 0 gauge and i don’t think it will fit where the oem wire is already. Is there a alternative route that I can put the wiring to make it easier but also so it wound interfere with anything else? Anything is welcome.



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May 1, 2007
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I have an 02 Camry and am familiar with the engine bay (i've stripped the engine down before). The alt to batt positive isn't as useful with a stock alternator because the goal of the Big 3 is to reduce resistance and the factory alternator connection is as low resistance as you'll get. Adding larger wire is great only if the connections are more solid than factory. The factory boot will be compromised when you add a ring terminal, which will speed corrosion.

The ground wire upgrades are the most useful because those are the weakest links.

If you choose to run another positive wire, you can secure it along the front of the engine bay, in split loom, secured every 6"-8", and not touching the radiator. A fuse at the battery positive is a good idea in case there is any short on the wiring.

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