Need help trouble Shooting Amp Error

Keithsjr Newbie
Need help trouble shooting my audio system. Installing a soundstream reserve 45000d 5channel amp, after market speakers up front w/ tweeters. Stock rears and a 10in sub in the truck area.

I extended off the stock speaker wires to the new fronts into a cross over with the tweeters going to the cross over as well. I T'd off with posi tap connectors off the harness off each speaker wire to run to the amp.

I get amp error with all wires plugged in with no sound.
All speakers work if I just have the rear speakers or even just 1 rear speaker running to the amp.
No sound if just the front are in the amp or if 1 front is connected there's no sound as well.

Maybe a short in the front speaker wires going to the harness? But I don't get why they all play minus the sub if just the rears are connected.

Or should I try running the speakers directly to the amp instead of the crossover? But then how would I connect the tweeters?


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Is the impedance under 2ohm?