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I’ve recently installed my system into my new car I have an lc1 from my factory front speaker wires grounded and powered from the battery their is a remote in wire fused into my factory usb port sense it turns in when the car does and then a factory out running to ky amplifiers, from the rca ports on the lc1 those run to an equalizer and from the equalizer my sub rcas run back the the sub amp sub amp rack is connected to ground on chassis and gets a 4 gauge power wire ram back to it from battery I have a bass knob installed from the amp to my driver seat and all the way down turns the sub off but the second I turn it on just a little bit I get either a loud bassey tone that plays constantly and the more power I give the amp the bassy tone I get turns into a loud thump thump thump every .5 a second or so and my car has eco mode so when it turns off at the light and the subs are still playing the noise is gone I have a ground loop isolator installed I’ve tried running different rcas to the sub nothing please help


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Year, Make, and Model of vehicle


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You are getting ANC feedback.



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