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Hey Guys,

Im seriously getting peaved here and i stumbled across this forum thank god.

I hope someone can help me with my challenge.

I run a website for hunting and im supposed to build a speaker/pa system for calling geese.

here is what i have so far. I have one system that is run off a marine battery, 6 125 watt marine speakers(8 ohm) and a 300watt pyrmid amp with an older car cd player. we have 900 feet of speaker wire and we run two speakers off 2 channels and then the other 4 speakers in a series/parrallel off the other two.

the system is huge and i need to compact it.

the new system needs to be smaller.

i have purchase 6 bullhorn style 30 watt 8 ohm speakers.

now I need to get an amplifier, car stereo, and speaker wire.

i need a minimum of 100 ft of distance between each speaker. keep in mind that we throw out about 1000 decoys. our spread is usually 150 yards long by 100 wide. minimum.


what size amp do i need?

how many channels?

what do i need to look for in a car stereo to be compatible with the amp?

and 8 tons of speaker wire?

what is the best way to wire it?

please assume i know nothing. I have been talking to local people for a week now and they confuse me to say the least. most of them dont really know how to explain to me how to get what i need. it shouldnt be that hard to figure out what i need for an amp, stereo and how to wire it to give it the longest use of power, the best volume and quality.

i would hate to spend the money and then start frying stuff.

o yeaah!! im looking to be cost effective too. its a hunting instrument not a home surround sound theater.

thanks guys please help me asap. i have to get theis thing ordered and built by the 15th.

if you guys cant help me, i may have to give up.

mike c

feel free to shoot me an email. thanks a million


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well a car stereo that does 50 watts x 4 will only put out 22 watts rms(rms is a figure that the amp can produce for more than a brief second..the 50 is peak wattage...which you will probably never get)

first thing i'd do is make sure your horns will be loud enough for the outside...and w/ 6 horns i'd say hook them all up you get 3 4ohm loads...and run 3 pairs to each channel of a 4 channel amp that will do 50-60 watts rms per channel at 4 ohms.....(assuming the horns are 30 rms and not 30 peak watts)...if you need anything cleared up about that just say....and you won't be running enough power through the wires to require any huge wire or anything..but seeing that the wire will be extrememly long i'd say go 16-18 gauge wire for speaker wire

hope this helped



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The horns will be loud enuf. Lohman uses a 15 watt in thier system. im not too worried about it.

they are however 30 peak watts. i dont know what the rms is.

so your saying i do need a amp and a car player? correct?

how do i run 3 pairs to each channel of a four channel. im confused here. i only have 3 pairs. do you splice them into each channel?

thanks guys. the more info the better.


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there's a way to figure exact rms but w/ something as small as 30 watts i'd say it's safe to just say about half of the peak.....most things below 1000watts or so are that way or close to it .... and as for the 3 channels on a 4 channel amp....i was suggesting not using the 4th channel on the amp and just not hooking up a speaker to it...but there are amps that can do 3 channels...might wants to look into one of you want an amp that will do 30 watts rms by 4 or 3 channels at 4 will need an amp and some type of source for it...(car stereo, computer, home theatre setup ect) exactly are you planning on getting power to the amp...(battery??) and where will the source be hooked up too...(will the cd player be in a car?)....



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I understand how to hook them up now. Just what i thought. I would like to have 4 channels to add more speakers in the future. so thats good.

The player will hook up to a marine battery for long life. my older model runs for a few days at 8 hours a day minimum.

it just wires in like it wouold in a car. the player, the amp will go in one tool box while the speakers will go in another.

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