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I tried a Sony MEX-GS810BT. The BT audio would never stay the last choice. So, whenever I got back in the car I had to fight with the selections in the menu until it locked onto BT Audio. And it didn't always find the audio, mostly just stayed on phone when I selected BT. If then I tried to restart the audio on the phone that would not help, and sometimes it was all I needed to do and it played audio. There is no sub-menu of phone or audio, and nothing in the manual.

Some times I get to where I am going before the audio I wanted comes up and plays. My commute is 20 minutes so this receiver is on its way back since I never get the music I bought it for.

My reason for posting is to now avoid this trouble I have just explained. I have used a lot of Kenwood in the past, but I am not biased if there is a better choice instead. I need the choice to be mine to make of which selection I want to listen to. The question is do I have a choice out there which lets me set the selection to BT audio and every time I get back in the car it is waiting to play more from my phone instead of giving me the run-around trying to find BT audio in a menu? To me this is the most important fact of buying a high-end head unit. On my OEM I have an aux so I can play from the phone, bluetooth would just make it easier.


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