my 1990's Phoenix Gold system (someone suggested I make it a thread)

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I wish I had ALL the pics, but a dog thought some were tasty LOL.
Head was an Alpine, 2 sets of MB Quarts Separates, 2 12 Stillwater Designs Solo Baric subs, All pushed by Phoenix Gold MS2125, (2) MS275, 425 & crossed over with (2) AX406's that was running 1/2 Ohm to the 12's!!! (Happened to find the old pics from 1993) The custom install was done by Todd (WISH I knew his last name so I could find him again) at Cruisin Music in NJ (No longer there) The custom box faced the back of my 92 Saturn SL2. where I would fold down the seats & it had a pleasing cover to where you didnt even KNOW there were subs in there. They did a full hide away system with covers that made the trunk look factory. I MISS that system bad! All the systems I have had done in the last 15 years...just havent compared & its not like I was cheap with it. Finding a GOOD reputable installer just isnt as easy as it use to be. They hit EVERY SINGLE THING I wanted in a system & overachieved! Todd even had to call the engineers at Phoenix Gold to make sure he could use the 2 crossovers to drop the 2125 to .5 ohms. NEVER CLIPPED OR SHUT DOWN ON ME! Under the hood, they had an isolator to charge both batteries.
Jazmine 2.jpg
Jazmine 2.jpg
Jazmine 2.jpg

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