Mobridge DA1 Alternative?

M3Gonz Newbie
Sep 6, 2018
St. Paul, MN
Hey folks,

I'm getting ready to start upgrading and doing a complete audio build on an '06 BMW M5. I'll be using the existing factory head unit as this is one of those cars where you really can't swap that out. Here's what I understand, feel free to correct me where/if I'm wrong:

The factory system (it's the CIC upgraded system on newer BMW's) runs fiber optic to the factory amp. I'll be removing everything starting (including) at the factory amp, then installing aftermarket speakers, amp, sound processor etc. In order to retain the use of all factory options, sounds, and accessories, I need to find a way to connect directly into the fiber optic cable that would otherwise go into the factory amp, and that's where the Mobridge DA1 comes into play. Then from the DA1, I run a toslink cable into the sound processor, then from the sound processor into the amps and beyond.

Is there any other alternatives out there for this same process other than the Mobridge units? Without using Mobridge, I'm forced instead to go off the speaker level inputs, right?

Thanks for the help!

soundtracktj Newbie
Aug 15, 2019
Hi there! I had this EXACT setup in my bmw 440i and it worked and sounded perfect. I unplugged the factory amp and plugged in the DA1 then ran toslink from DA1 to Mosconi 4to8dsp and then to the amps and beyond. One thing to note, I had to get an optical input for my Mosconi DSP so make sure your DSP has an optical input. Do you already have the DA1? I"m not sure it's compatible with my new vehicle and I'm going to be looking to sell it.

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