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hey whats up?, right now i have an audiobahn a2200 hct amplifier, running my 2 15" Memphis Mojo subs. now i know that this ^ amp is waaayy overrated and probably only puts out around 800 or so rms watts. would i be better off getting the memphis 1500D amp to run both of the subs? or better yet get one of the 1500D for each of the subs, making it 2 memphis 1500Ds?

16- MC1500D

RMS Power 4 ohm 750

RMS Power 2 ohm single 1500

RMS Power 1 ohm single n/a

THD 4ohm 0.75%

THD 2ohm 1.00%

THD 1ohm n/a

S/N Ratio >80db

Variable low-pass filter 50-250Hz

variable subsonic filter 20-50Hz

filter slopes 18db

input sensitivity 250mV-5V

input impedance 22Kohms

frequency response +/- 1db 10Hz-650KHz

fuse rating 40A x 2


Nominal Impedance Znom 2 (x2)

DC Resistance DCR ohms 1.725 (x2)

Resonant Frequency Fs Hz 37.877

Mechanical Q Qms 4.6

Electrical Q Qes 0.471

Total Q Qts 0.427

Xmax (linear) 0.55

Xmax (mechanical) in 0.9

Sensitivity 2.83 volts dB 93.91

Effective Piston Area Sd m2 0.08

Acoustic Compliance Vas cf 2.31

Moving Mass Mms grams 242.0984

Suspension Compliance Cms mm/N 72.9295

Voice Coil Diameter d in 3

Voice Coil Length hvc in 1.6"'

Voice Coil Layersn 4

Voice Coil Type Dual

Continuous Power watts 750

Maximum Power watts 1200

keep in mind that these subs can handle waayy more power than just 750 watts



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I have one 15" MOJO and I had 1200 watts peak, 600rms going to it. It sounded good. But than I bought a used Hifonics Colssus XI 2400rms. It sounds awesome now, a MOJO can actually handle way more power than whats given on the web-site. They just put that there so people wouldnt be scared of not having enough power. But that beast can handle a lot more. Im tring to get another Memphis MOJO right now, because two is better than one. If I was you Id get the two amps or the MEMPHIS MOJO 2400rms amp. These two go hand in hand together!

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