Memphis Belle information request

Dropped Dead Customs Newbie
Mar 14, 2020
Western Kentucky
Hello everyone. This would be my first post here.
Recently I bought some older equipment that I know nothing about. It’s all Memphis car audio. This has been stored away in a spare bedroom for years and was a purchased new by the guy I bought it from. So not passed around and installed 100 times. It’s in extremely nice condition.
The amp is what I’m curious about it’s a 16-MC 1300D Memphis Belle with the plane logo in the middle.
I’m looking for information on what years these were made, I’ve noticed different model numbers on different belles and the plane logo in different placements.
Is there anyone that has information on the years these were produced or anything showing the amps. Like some old brochure stuff or advertisements. I would also like to find some matching amps in the future. I rather like the looks of this amp as it reminds me of the old school days of car audio. Any help would be great. Thanks for looking



Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
I may be slightly off but let me take a stab at it. I know the model just before that one has the logo in the upper left corner and was around in 2000 to 2001 according to dated pics and videos. I think yours is 2002-2003ish.

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