1. J

    LED Strips in Doors

    I had an idea to put LED strips in my door by the speakers, so they will shine through the holes in the door from the speaker. But I want them to flash with the music. I've heard that you can just wire them to the speaker, and that they will get power and go with the music. But would that...
  2. lipski24.ml

    LED lighting wiring questions 08 Pontiac G6

    I bought some led lights to put in my girlfriends car (08 Pontiac G6), the whole car is absolutely stock. No aftermarket anything. If possible, i wanted to wire them to the beat of the music, but I'm not exactly sure how. The lights have to be off a 12v power source, so i didn't know if i could...
  3. plexiglass+dremel+blue leds

    plexiglass+dremel+blue leds

    "EXPLORER" etched in Plexiglass and backlit with blue leds
  4. B

    Need help! how can i set up LED's with Stero????

    I have two 6in LED's bars. I want them to go with the beat of my music. people say to hook right to the back of my 12's but im running a 800w amp bridged with compositor pushing 14v's now. these strips are small and i dont got a regulator so how can i do this?? Look kind of like this.