Large infinite baffle subs ?


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Dec 8, 2009
Orange County
Hi all. I have the Jl marine 12” Infinite baffle sub. I’d ideally like to go up to a 15 or 18. This is for a boat installation. I’d love to get more output with out the additional power draw of a second sub, so I’m thinking bigger.

move used fi ib3’s in my home theater setup so I’m thinking about one of those or any other good sized subs you can recommend that will be

on the jl instructions, it pretty clearly says 3 cubic ft+ for air space. Typically ib installs have large air volumes and I have a decent amount, but nothing like an attic or home closet.I’ve heard from 4x vas up to 25x vas. Any suggestions on what works and what doesn’t in this type of environment?

sub is in awall of my boats mid cabin and the backside of the woofer is in a compartment under the bow seats which is the left side’s pontoon. I’ll have to take a better look, but it’s a decent sized space.

thoughts on this,?

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