Kicker vs what else? Upgrading from Kicker Comp 12


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I am going to upgrade.

i have a series of questions and will ask here.

Info about car: Nissan Primera P11 1997 GT. Its a enclosed trunk. (sorry english)

Current Setup 2x Kicker comp 12 (150wrms 300wmax) bought with case


These subs run on a ''Lanzar'' Amp.

I dont know too much about this amp, i got it with the car, and its a amp from the 90's.

Ive been told that these was premium back then and very good.

The amp is 400wrms, i think it is two or four channel.

its serial connected and i get 400wrms.

I am thinking maybe the amp is old and thats why i dont feel confy enough with my setup?

would i get much of a difference getting a modern amp?

I might consider having a new amp, because im planning getting new subs too.

my plan here, is to use the same case for the new sub(s)

The only thought i had so far was getting one Kicker L7 or doubble L3's.

Just a thought. Then i found out that people say kicker is really overpriced.

i am looking for a good sound and a sub capable of playing the bass at higher notes very well withouth loosing the ''move air'' feeling.

I dont know how to explain. But i need to really feel the sub. And the sub must be able to play well at higher freq's.

I listen to music that have very variating bass and i want good power at all ranges.

I am not a ''subwoofer'' enthusiast, so im not buying this just to show of my bass.

I have good speakers and can play loud in my car, my problem with my current setup is that if i play very loud, the sub stops and cant go higher while speakers do.

also these subs doesnt make me feel good if you know what i mean.

i need to feel those vibes.

So lets say, i already thought of getting a L3, the L7 is too expensive for me, for the price of the L3, what other sub can i get instead giving much more power for the same price and same or better quality?

any tips on build?



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I have found 50% off on

''JBL MS-12SD2'' 450rms 1800wmax.

I have decided getting one of these on my lanzar opti oldskool amp.

if im not happy i will get another one and buy a 1000rms amp.

should this be considered good power?


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For the money i wont go with Kicker.

There is a new company called C2 audio that has a very good price on their beefy subs, are you shipping this internationally?

if you need an inexpensive amp, you can get the audiopipe APSM 1500 around $125 and should be able to run a paid of any 600 watt subs, these C2 are beefier and have a bigger voice coil than the other subs in its category.

good luck pm me if you have any questions

Threatcon 2 with 3 inch voice coil Sub 12" very beefy 600watt $129

C2 Audio Threatcon-2



12" Threatcon-2 Subwoofer

600 Watts RMS

Available in Dual 4 Ohm and Dual 2 Ohm

Dual 2 Ohm: Threatcon-2 12d2

Dual 4 Ohm: Threatcon-2 12d4

3" Copper 4 Layer Voice Coil

Double Stacked 160 oz Magnet

High Current Flat Woven Tinsel Leads

Dual Spider Pack

Dual Stitched Non Pressed Paper Cone-

with Mid Excursion Foam Surround

Enclosure Recommendations:

Sealed: 1.0 - 1.25 ft^3

Ported: 1.5 - 2.0 ft^3 @ 35hzSealed: 2.0 - 2.50 ft^3

Ported: 3.0 - 4.0 ft^3 @ 35hz

T/S Parameters:

FS: 36.7HZ

VAS: 40.9 DM3

QES: .44

QTS: .40

BL: 16.8

MMS: 167.7G

SENS: 91.5 DB


Woofer Dimensions:

EXT DIA: 12.48"

CUT OUT DIA: 11.18"



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