Kenwood headunit wireless carplay/android auto issue

danestead Newbie
Mar 21, 2021
Hi All,

I've recently installed a Kenwood DMX-8520DABS, which is capable of wireless Apple Carplay and wireless Android Auto. My wife has a compatible iphone and I have a compatible Android phone.

I've been able to get both phones individually working via wireless (and usb). I do have a problem though. Pretend I'm newly pairing these phones. I pair my android and it works fine. I then paid my wife's iphone and it works fine wirelessly, until... I use Android Auto. So basically, my wife's iphone will be detected by carplay each time she's in the car but only until such time as I connect my android. Once I've connected my android, it's as if the headunit has forgotten the iphone. The carplay icon is greyed out. To fix the issue I need to remove the pairing of the iphone and re-pair it. It'll once again work fine until I connect my android for the first time.

I've tried all sorts of things. Tried the iphone as number 1 and 2 in the bluetooth pairing, tried it away from wifi signals, with my android turned off etc.

Super annoying and crap because I bought this specific unit for the wireless capability and now I need to connect the iphone via usb to use carplay.

Has anyone come across this issue and does anyone have a fix?


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