Install of sub in Chrysler 300

funk_drummer Enthusiast
Apr 2, 2019
This is my first swing at any kind of install.  My 300 has a 'decent' stock system, just lacked some bottom end.  My goal was to add quality bass in a box that is easy to remove if needed.  I didn't want to shake the earth.  Just wanted to know it was there when the volume was low and feel it when it was up.  Didn't want to break the bank.  I started out wanting a 12" sub.  After a lot of research and discussion, I decided a 10 would be better.  There are so many driver and amp suppliers.  I looked at so many, it came down to Infinity 1000W with the K600 amp or what I ended up with, Dayton HO 10" DVC and NVX VAD10001 amp with an NVX LOC.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  The sound is exactly what I wanted, it's clean and powerful.  When it's low you still know it's there.  The box is really small.  Worked with a member here to model the driver based on what I like to listen to and all that.  Said I needed around a .82 cu ft box tuned to 30 hz.  This ended up being .86 I think the tune should be 30.5 if the tuning calculator is accurate.  I wired the sub down to 2 ohm.  The amp is rated 760 W at 2 ohm.  Because everything is so small I thought maybe it wouldn't be enough and I'd end up building another.  Nope.  This little setup gets after it.  I read about how to set the gain by ear so I downloaded a tone generator.  Everyone said to set volume at 85% of max and turn up the gain until you hear the pitch change, then back it off.  With the gain all the way down I could go get to about 60% volume before my head was shaking.  Needless to say the sub has a lot more power than the stock system.  I spent some time listening to music and messing with the gain and low pass filter.  I'm running the gain at only about 25% with the LPF around 110hz.  I have the subsonic filter set at half octave below my box tune, which is what I read is a good place to start, 22.5 hz.  Bass boost on the amp is 0%.  

I installed the amp on the back of the seat.  I'm not 100% sure I love that, but we'll see.  I put nylon spacers under the amp to provide air flow under the amp to hopefully help with cooling.  I feel like the power connections to the amp are a little flimsy, but seems to be OK.  I used 100% copper 4 gauge wire for the power and ground.  Battery is in the trunk so this install was really easy from that stand point.  The inline fuse is a 90A.  I think I covered all the bases.  Everything works, no sparks or fire.  There is a post in the box construction forum that covers the building of the box in more detail.  

Overall, this is exactly what I wanted...looks and sound.  I'm not crazy about the bar speaker grill.  I'm considering putting some sort of false face on the front with some spacers so I can install a true metal grill of some sort.  We'll see.  For what some might call a budget build, this turned out great.