I'm having a hard time deciding between Skar, American Bass, and Audiopipe(heard they have good subs)


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Apr 17, 2020
So i am buying a new setup. I did have 2 rockford P3D212'S in a QLogic ported box, with a Audiobahn A2200HCT, but the rca terminals were bad when i bought. They would turn on and off all the time. So now i am looking to upgrade. I am currently researching audiopipe TXXBDC (link below) and American Bass XFL. 12's of course. I am also looking at a audiopipe 1500 watt amp. My question for the knowledgeable guys is which one is better? I have watched audiopipe and american bass videos on youtube and it seems as thought audiopipe can hold its own weight against the american bass XFL. I also was looking at a Skar VXF 12. I am looking at this box as well. I am only buying one for right now and i want the best bang for my buck. I have been listening to systems for over 15 years. Prices have surely gone down. I am used to spending at least $500 for a set of subs. So i am confused as to what is actually good and whats bad. I could use some pointers fellas. Thank you in advance.

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Jan 22, 2010
I would toss the idea of Skar and Audiopipe and go Xfl with a Taramps md3000 or even better the Taramps Smart 3 myself.

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