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alright well today i finally got my amp, but im angry b/c i bought the wrong one, its the zeus 1000 instead of the brutus like i wanted, so now the settings on each amp are a lil different, so how can i get these amps to work right on the 2 hc's, i hooked them up and its loud as crap it just dont like flow like it should, theyre in a 6 cube ported box to 32hz, they are in one chamber, so what should i do build a ported box with seperate chambers or what????

dam that *****, i would try to sell it and get a BX1000d i heard it is good to mix amps like that

whats the specs on the Zeus?

so let me see if im reading this right.

You already have a brutus 1000 and bought another one, but it was a zeus?

Best bet would be to Email/Call Hifonics and see if there are any difference in the 2002 zeus and 2003 brutus 1000w amps. Another option is to get both bench tested. If the power difference is minimal(~1%) you shouldn't really worry about it. Just make sure the gains are set accordingly

Just look at people that run 2 of the same model amps that each run to a sub. There's a lot of birthsheets out there that show power differs from each amp. Companies like PG, kicker, MTX that have birthsheets and a lot of the amps are tested to not have the same power(i've seen PG T1200.1 birthsheets that are 1422w, 1469w,1502w,1509 w)

If you find out the power difference is little, keep it in the single chamber and be done w/ it //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

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