How would you go about EQing this frequency response? (with pics)

Blake Vandercar Newbie
Jun 1, 2019
Here is my frequency response in REW (note that the sub is off. These are separate L-R readings. The tweeters are on an active crossover @ 3.5kHz)

See how the 100-300Hz range for the midrange speakers is much lower than the 400Hz-3.5kHz range? So that makes me wonder, when EQing, do I boost the lower range, or cut all of that upper range down? Originally I had my target curve set here:


And through EQing cut the 400-3500Hz range down. But I could also place the target curve more at the average:


The response that I got after EQing is not that bad:

I'm just wondering how more-experienced people would go about it-- where they would set the target curve at before EQing, and why. It doesn't seem good to cut as much as I'm cutting, but I know boosting isn't very favorable either...

Also, don't worry about the fact that the tweeter range is much lower than the curve in the second EQ example. I lowered their overall level in order to be closer to the first target curve example before EQing... if I were to raise the target curve, I would raise the level of the tweeters, and re-measure, so that they're closer to the target curve pre-EQing.



Gunz That Turn on Nunz
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Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
Wouldn't worry too much to keeping the target curve unless you are competing in MECA SQ where flat, linear and nuetral wins all. Whats more important is does it actually sound good, lifelike, soundstage tonality is on point and its non fatiguing and sometimes thats not achieved with a harmon house curve.

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