How to wire my crappy system :) p99rs + speakers and tweeters...


Jun 15, 2013
Hi i have p99rs and i have front morel virtus nano 602
2 way system speakers with tweeters, and cross overs, for my setup i decided to use my crossovers since i am newbie,

my question is do i need to wire tweeters to my cross overs or i need to wire them directly to additional / separate amplifier ?

My rear speakers are jl audio c5 series and they have separe tweeters are well....
in my current set up tweeters which are in front are wired to my cross overs in front, my rear tweeters are wired in my cross overs in back for my jl audio i have for each speaker cross overs as well,
and i have mosconi 120.4 4 channel amp each channel 120w max,
my question is do i need to get additional amp and how much channels needs to be for my tweeters.

i understand that p99rs is for sq and front line but my car is 30 years old and i am having for now this way my set up 2 way speakers for front and 2 way for back.... i am not sure about tweeters... only..
what i should do , because i can wire probably front and rear speakers in my 4 channel amp but for tweeters i dont know what to do to pass them via my factory cross overs or make new wires and get additional amp which can be2 or 4 channel i dont know please advice.


Gunz That Turn on Nunz
Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
Leave your rear components on head unit power. Ditch your front passive crossover and wire the tweeter and midbass to their own channel on the mosconi. All 4 channels should be used up front. Your head unit is the 99prs, if you dont even use the active crossover network feature of it, you literally wasted all your money on something you only use 5% of its capabilities.

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