Hifonics hfx12d4 problems? (warning, long read)


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Apr 11, 2014
Baton Rouge,LA
Okay, so i just got 4 of the hfx12d4s 400w rms and 800 max rated subs. Well I have each pair on a pioneer 900w amp so they are each getting roughly 450w each,maybe a little less, and when i played them, they did fine for a couple of minutes but then i could smell coils so i turned em off and let em cool down. A little while later, I decided to try and see if they would do some lows so I played Enyas only time bass edit which hits down to 19hz and when the 19hz hit, i could immediately start smelling the coils again. I have since then had to turn down the gains way below "normal" so that my subs won't burn out. Is this because they were brand new and had not been broken in yet and if so, would it be safe to turn the gains back up to "normal" once they are broken in? This confuses me because I've had 2 kicker comps and that are rated 150w rms each and 2 cheap walmart duals that are 175w rms and both pairs took the same amp on "normal" no problem but these subs with almost double the rms rating are struggling on it.So in short my first question is, is the voice coil heating up too fast the result of them not being broken in? and if so can I turn them back up now that they are?

My second question is just for the heck of it. I have 2 of them in a ported box and 2 in a sealed and the ones in the sealed move more than the ported so i stuffed the ports and they now move more. This also confuses me because I thought that the ports allows for more airflow and therefore allows for the sub to move more freely. So should I leave it stuffed or should I port it?

Any help, insight,advice, and or comments regarding these issues and or conundrums would be greatly appreciated //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/biggrin.gif.d71a5d36fcbab170f2364c9f2e3946cb.gif

Thanks in advance


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