Help with back up camera not working after wire was split and spliced.

Grantgsr Newbie
May 4, 2020
Hello everyone, I hope you all can help me. I am not much of a car wiring or stereo nut. I recently installed a pioneer double din radio and back up camera in my son‘s car. After much research and studying, I finally got everything connected including installing the back up camera and running the wiring from the tailgate to the head unit. I put everything back together, turned it on and everything worked great even putting it in drive and reverse. The problem came when we actually went to drive the car and I did not see that the back up camera wire got caught on the steering wheel and after making a tight turn it snapped the cable in half. So I stripped the wires back and soldered the red wires together, the yellow wires together and the black wires together and put the car in reverse and the radio switched screens just as it would normally, but it did not show any video from the rear camera, only a black screen. In trying to determine what the cause was, I rummage through my attic and found an old DVD player that I connected to the video in on the back of the pioneer unit and put it in camera view and it showed the DVD fine on there. So I concluded the problem was either in the wiring or the camera. I ordered a new back up camera cable and split the old one near the site of the original break and got my test light out and with the car in reverse, and one end of my test light hooked to the red wire and one hooked to the black wire, I got a light. I then connected the new back up camera cable by again connecting the red wires and the yellow wires and the black wires and I plug the RCA end of that into a projector I have and it did not recognize any video signal and did not register that there was anything connected to it. I know my camera is getting power because when I put the car in reverse the LED lights on the rearview camera light up. Did I somehow fry the camera itself when the wire broke? I don’t mind splicing in a new camera at that end if that is the problem. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

audiobaun Veteran
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Jun 28, 2011
Try to Reset the Unit( Reset Button) to see if that helps

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