Help wiring a alpine power pack...that made my subs stop working -2009 accord

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Hey guys! first time poster here, Im currently dumb founded with my car in pieces trying to figure out how to install this power pack. So with my understanding, since I have the premium sound package, I have an external amp that controls a lot of the features of the stock headunit which i plan on keeping. However, Im trying to boost the power to my front speakers since they are aftermarket, matching my already installed subs in the back. So my question is how do I and where do I splice into the speaker wires to run my amp. After the stock amp?

So I wired it after the stock amp using a shady ground and power from my fuse box, bad choices are made when wiring at 12am. I left part of the alpine power pack undone since I was only using the front channel. That caused interference that would make my subs go crazy loud and it wasn't controlled by the head unit. After fixing that, it worked for about 10min till my subs just stopped working. My setup for the sub is HU wiring to sub -> LOC -> amp. The signal is still coming from the head unit because I can plug my stock sub in. However I couldn't get a signal from my LOC....I'm dumb founded

i read your post three times and my head hurts. you're cutting corners, take it to a shop and pay someone to do it the right way.
Hahaha, Sorry man! I know I was cutting corners, but all is well now. My ground is solid, and my power wire is still coming out of my fuse box which I'm not to worried about, but I'm going to wire it directly to my battery after school today. Just need to pick an Inline fuse on the way home. The problem turned out to be a loose connection on my sub that wired to my sub....I'm not that observant at 2am. The post was confusing due to the fact it was written over a period of time haha. I got everything tuned and its sounding great! I gotta fix some ground loop causing feedback, but other than that its all good! so moral of the story is to thoroughly check connections and not be making decisions past 12am.

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