Help needed with EVL 12 box for mazda3 trunk.

GHoTiHeDD Newbie
Jul 1, 2021
I need help with blueprints or a cut sheet for a ported box for two Skar Audio EVL 12s that are going into the trunk of a 2012 mazda 3 sedan. Factory specs recommend a single sub with 2.0ft³, a ported area of 24in², and tuned at 32hz. There are 2 evl 12D2's going in.
The Amp is the RP-2000D,
The dimensions I have to work with in the trunk are 38"wide,14"high, 25"deep and it's volume is 11.8ft³
The music played will be everything from metal to heavy bass hip hop like E40 and Rittz. I like to feel the bass as dj Magic Mike once said. I'm not an spl competitor but I like it loud, and I do like to hear every note of my music with clarity. Is this enough info to go on? My last system was 2 punch 12s in sealed boxes with a fosgate 300w amp and a alpine cd player in a 1983 Camaro circa 1995. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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