Hand built Prototype 15” 1600+ rms D2


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Nov 12, 2021
$ 500
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This sub I built for my brand and while it’s pretty insane, my final design uses a different spider that gave some better low end output which is what my goal was. This sub sealed in 2.7-2.9 cubic feet internal volume (could go smaller if willing to give up low end) will move body panels in cars, flex windshields etc in the 20hz range all the way into the 30’s with just 1200w rms. Ported in 3.5-3.9 cubic feet internal volume tuned to 30 ish it’s just insanely loud and will sound amazing while doing it! I rate it conservatively at 1600w rms (2000w rms is doable). It uses a dual 2 ohm 3” aluminum wire coil, flat linear nomex 4 layer spider with triple flat sewn leads, Y35 triple stacked motor with gobs of cooling features built in, 30+ mm of xmax, Ti frame, spacers between motor and frame, 8 ga direct leads, carbon fiber dust cap which is solid carbon fiber, and is fully built right here by hand in Long Island NY. The sub does not have a gasket and I currently don’t have any extras. Not needed but makes it look better IMO. The motor has a little bit of glue on the back plate as I didn’t cover it and placed it in wet glue on the bench by mistake. The sub weighs 55 pounds even according to my scale. While it shows I’m pretty new here it’s only because my original account I had no way of retrieving the password as the email I used I no longer have. I’ve been in the car audio scene since 1998 and was a car audio dealer for years and have feedback under my user name djdilliodon that can keep you busy for days. Shipping is included in the price and if you live in the NY area and want to pick it up take $50 off!


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