Focal IBus 20 vs JBL BassPro Nano


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Mar 16, 2013
Corvallis, OR
I currently have the Focal, but it will be a pain to fit under my rear bench seat, so I'm thinking about selling it and getting the JBL BassPro Nano, which is considerably smaller. My question is why is the Focal so damn expensive ($680 new from crutchfield), while the JBL is around $230 new? The JBL puts out more power (100w rms vs. 75w rms), although it does have a smaller driver (6x8 vs 8"). I also don't get why the Focal has two 15 amp fuses vs a single 15 amp fuse for the JBL, while the JBL is rated at higher wattage. Also, is there any advantage to having the Power/Remote/Ground plug ins where you directly connect the wire (Focal) vs having those plugins being part of a connector, and then you have to splice into the wires (JBL)?

Thanks for any help!


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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
What this boils down to is Focal will probably be nicer than the JBL but very probably not 3x as good for the price tag. I do not think you'd have any big performance gain in buying a premium priced brand in something like an all in one amplified sub-in-box.
No idea about fuses, having wires coming out of the system or a pigtail plug is something a lot of amps got away from ages ago, not sure why JBL would do that but performance wise it won't make any difference and depending on your install may or may not prove to be more or less work.

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