does size really matter?


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Apr 11, 2014
Baton Rouge,LA
OK, so I'm a noob and I'm just using a prefab box with some tiny little ports on either side of the box. I got the box from best buy. Its one of those XED boxes(don't have money for anything custom). Anyway I was wondering a few things

1. What's the difference between a box with 2 separate ports as opposed to both sub's using one port and which one is deeper and or louder

2. does the size of the port make a difference and does bigger mean louder/ deeper

And 3. What is the difference between a fully rectangle box and a box with a slanted back and does the box size itself matter?

I'm thinking of getting a huge ported box with a huge single port in the middle and wanted to know if it would be an upgrade or if it didn't matter

2010 ford focus

2 kick comp 12s

Ported XED box

900w pioneer amp

Any info would be greatly apperciated



Oct 20, 2012
La Plata, MD
First off....use what you have for now....start saving your money up. Then in a 3-4 months look into a system overhaul and upgrade subs, custom built box, amp, wiring, the works. what you have now works but if you're going to look into a bigger custom box, might as well wait a little bit longer and do it all over and make it outstanding. you'll thank yourself you did.

To answer your question. That box is probably tuned to the mid 40's for frequency. It probably has seperate chambers for the subs and they have their own small port, plus its a pre-fab so the bracing is probably non existent and it's not high quality. Port size, box size, construction, woofer displacement, bracing, all come into play with tuning. What frequencies you'd be primarily listening too and what the sub is optimized for. Most subs these days are optimal at 35 hz.

For your setup now, that box works. Don't put anymore money in that setup. Save your money up and get yourself a nice custom made box specifically for woofers you choose to buy. Get a solid amp to power them, good wire to suit your needs, a second battery depending on how much power you intend to run, some sound deadener for your trunk, and maybe a High output alternator if you are really serious to keep your electrical strong.



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Apr 11, 2014
Baton Rouge,LA
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IWould a box with a larger port allow for deeper bass? I've been listening to tracks by decaf and most of the songs have lower bass notes and my sub's shake the whole car but I can't hear them. Also, the ports on the box I have are relatitively small so the sub's don't really have much breathing room which I realiz e for 2. 12s may not matter but would a larger port or box allow the sub's to hit those lower bass notes better? I'm not really in the market for custom right now I just want so mething I can go out and get. Again I'm a noon so I apologize for asking any stupid questions


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